La Pedalata

La pedalata Bormio - Val Badia: from the Alps to the Dolomites

The idea of combining these realities through cycling was born by Daniele “Stelvioman” and Klaus, one night in front of a beer.

“La Pedalata” is a phrase to demand your immediate attention not only because of the route but because of a real two-wheeled adventure to be shared with friends who have the same passion.

Legendary peaks such as the Stelvio, Gavia and mountains with breathtaking views and unique colours as the Dolomites will be the perfect setting for this event that we propose can be experienced in two different ways.

The Stelvio, the Gavia and the mountain passes of the Dolomites are legendary destinations for cyclists worldwide.

These epic peaks are also icons of the northern Italian regions where they are located. The inhabitants of these regions, with their varied cultures, histories and languages, all share a love and respect for nature in this unique landscape. Bormio, with its dark and imposing peaks, and Alta Badia, surrounded by the softness of the pale mountains, form the backdrop of La Pedalata. More than a simple tour, La Pedalata is an experience in which cyclists connect with these majestic mountains.


The word “tosta” in Italian means obstinate, headstrong, persistent. This is the mood of the three days ride from Alta Badia to Bormio and viceversa.


The adventure starts early in the morning from the Hotel Funivia. First the climb to Passo Gavia, then the descent to Ponte di Legno and Passo del Tonale, Passo della Mendola and a panoramic dive towards the Wine Road passing through Bolzano. Then, through Val Gardena you climb the homonymous pass and final descent towards the destination, the Hotel Melodia del Bosco in Badia. We arrive at the Hotel Melodia del Bosco, having covered just over 230 km and 5,000 meters of ascent.

The following day is dedicated to a well-deserved rest with a short tour in Badia. On the third day, we set off early for the return journey. We start with the climb to Passo Gardena and descent to Ortisei. Passing through the Pinei and Siusi pass, we descend to Bolzano and along the Wine Route, to reach Merano. Crossing to Val Venosta, with the icing on the cake, the final climb of “His Majesty” the Stelvio. Finally, descending to the Hotel Funivia di Bormio where a total of 200 Km and 4000 meters of altitude will have been achieved. This is real tough stuff!

If you are a strong cyclist and feel ready for an extreme tour like “La Pedalata Tosta”, choose your dates and we’ll offer you a customized package.


  • Only on request
  • We recommend the months of June and July because the days are longer


The word “lieve” in Italian means light, the lighter version of the tour “La Pedalata Tosta”.

The Bormio-Alta Badia and Alta Badia-Bormio routes are similar to those of “La Pedalata Tosta”, but the rides are at the more relaxed pace of bike-packing.

The bikes are equipped with bike-packing bags provided by our hotels so that cyclists can carry their essentials for the journey. The keyword is “exploration” with the program being designed so that cyclists will enjoy stops and overnight stays in the charming villages along the way.

A special edition for September with Klaus and Daniele “Stelvioman” from the Hotel Funivia. Venture into the world of bike-packing with “La Pedalata Lieve” and Join us for the special September edition or choose the dates and we’ll offer you a customized package.

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