Open air, large spaces, desire to move, is what Bormio proposes to you. Whether you like trekking, Nordic walking, horseback riding or the long walks to the alpine huts, nature will be with you!


Amid meadows, glaciers and snow-covered trails, walking accompanied by a mountain guide on the paths of Bormio and its surroundings give a boundless sensation of well-being. Hiking boots, backpack, wind-sheeter jacket, sunglasses, hat, and gloves are the simple equipment that, accompanied by a bit of breath, will take you on a tour around nature. Walks like: Oga / Calosc, Camplonch, Premesan, Reit, Crapon, Pentagono, Bormio / Santa Lucia and countless others, so many that you`ll have to come back many times, to “trek through” them all!


For your anti-stress outing in snow shoes, Bormio is the ideal place with the trails of the Stelvio National Park and the mountains of the Alta Valtellina. From Tibetan bridges near the Forni glacier and its breathtaking spectacle, walking over the falls, at the lake of Manzina, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alta Valtellina. The tours are suitable for all travellers and perfect for families, who may bring along our “snack bag”, a snack to bring out walking.


If horse riding is your passion, in Bormio you can really get your fill! For a wonderful excursion, riding in Bormio has no boundaries, with its stables. Or, once again, the Stelvio park, a veritable “hive of nature,” offers unforgettable paths to roam in perfect tranquillity, together with the horse.


The alpine cabins/ The valleys around Bormio are dotted with shelters and rest areas at high altitude, a real paradise for hikers. The views are undoubtedly spectacular, the best dish on the menu served by the nature that surrounds the city. On routes to the shelters of the high Valtellina amid woods and pastures, you can admire the fauna roaming freely, including squirrels, hares, foxes, deer and fawns and really get in touch with your inner well-being. From Bormio to the Cross of Reit, or in San Antonio, Santa Caterina, Cancano, Val Viola, Val Zebrù and much, much more are the walks that you can choose and to which you can commit to a five-hour trip

… not difficult, is it?

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