Bike tours and MTB trails

There are many paths and routes for road bikes and mountain biking in the mountains of Bormio and the surrounding valleys - you'll have the convenience of viewing them at our hotel, on a map or on line at our Garmin Corner.
Take your Garmin or rent one from us and you can upload the routes you most enjoy.
In your room you could find our BIKE ROADBOOK with many bike climbs and bike tours.
Here are a few routes for road bikes and mountain bikes and some easier routes for bikers and trekkers.


Many road bike trails starting from our Hotel have like destination the most important climbs of the Giro d'Italia like stelvio, gavia and mortirolo.
We normally divide it into two categories: BIKE CLIMB concerning the important ascents like stelvio, gavia, mortirolo, bormio 2000, foscagno, cancano.
Then we have the BIKE TOURS category that are circular bike tours starting from the hotel.

  BIKE CLIMB Difficulty A B % avarage % maximum Altitude difference ROAD BOOK

1   Stelvio ***** 1,2 km 21,5 km 7,01% 13,00% 1543 mts. PDF
2   Gavia ***** 12,3 km 13,5 km 6,56% 14,00% 922 mts. PDF
3   Mortirolo ****** 22 km 11,9 km 10,10% 19,00% 1296 mts. PDF
4   Foscagno *** 10,2 km 15,4 km 6,10% 8,50% 946 mts. PDF
5   Bormio 2000 *** 0,314 km 9,8 km 7,50% 12,00% 710 mts. PDF
6   Cancano *** 5,3 km 8,2 km 6,90% 8,20% 566 mts. PDF
A = Distance from HOTEL FUNIVIA to START of climb
B = Distance from START of climb to the TOP

  BIKE TOUR Difficulty Distance Altitude difference ROAD BOOK  MAP

1 BORMIO– Umbrail–Prato Stelvio– Stelvio-BORMIO ***** 102 km 3150 mts PDF
2 BORMIO-Mazzo-Mortirolo-Ponte di Gavia-BORMIO ***** 115 km 3200 mts. PDF
3 BORMIO–Mazzo–Mortirolo-Trivigno-Cologna-BORMIO ****** 115 km 3120 mts. PDF
4 BORMIO– Forcola-Livigno-BORMIO *** 130 km 2700 mts. PDF
5 BORMIO-Tirano-Tresenda-Teglio-Chiuro-Tirano-BORMIO *** 130 km 1700 mts. PDF
6 BORMIO-Livigno– del Forno – S.ta Maria–Umbrail-BORMIO *** 105 km 2750 mts. PDF


  • Bormio/Pedemontana/Bormio
  • Bormio/Cancano/Bormio
  • Bormio/Cancano/Livigno
  • Bormio/Boscopiano/Bormio
  • Bormio Passo Trela/Bormio

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Our Hotel is at start of many important rides of Giro d'Italia like Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo, Foscagno Bormio 200 and many others.

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