Road bikes

The opportunities we offer for lovers of road bikes are varied:

- Stelvio Gavia, Passo del Mortirolo, Foscagno, Bormio 2000 are all waiting to be climbed with your bike.
The Hotel Funivia puts the passion of the Staff at your disposal.
Safe storage and bike rental from Pinarello road bikes are just an example of the services that we offer to our guests.
Cyclists will also have support for routes, tracks and other route information in a format suitable to be loaded on their GPS.


It is also possible to hire a Garmin GPS (on request) or enlist the help of experienced guides who will accompany you on the ride to Stelvio or repeat the Great Climb that made the Giro d'Italia memorable.

Hereunder  you could see a general view of the main tours and trails available with your road bike from our Hotel divided into two categories:

  • BIKE CLIMBS e BIKE TOURS.  (for mountain bike click here)


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 and visualize the bike tour
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1  BORMIO - Passo Umbrail - Santa Maria - Prato Stelvio - Stelvio - BORMIO
2  BORMIO - Mazzo-Mortirolo-Ponte di Legno-Pso Gavia - BORMIO
3  BORMIO - Mazzo-Mortirolo-Trivigno-Cologna-BORMIO
4  BORMIO - Forcola-Livigno-BORMIO
5  BORMIO - Tirano-Tresenda-Teglio-Chiuro-Tirano-BORMIO
6  BORMIO - Livigno - Forno - S.ta Maria - Umbrail - BORMIO


 BORMIO 2000