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Best Bicycle Roads

All roads depart from the Hotel Funivia, Bormio!

Since there are many paths that can be chosen, we decided to distinguish two different categories the bike tours, calling them "ALL CLIMBS" and "TOUR".
By choosing "ALL CLIMBS", your desire to put yourself to the test will allow you to go climbing the slopes of the Gira d’Italia, the most famous and challenging such as the Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo.
Opting for the solution "TOUR", you can make real circuits with departure and return directly to and from the hotel. The weekly program of guided outings:
Monday: Stelvio loop (support van)
Tuesday: Cancano
Wednesday: Tour Mortirolo Gavia (support van)
Thursday: Mass Ride in the moonlight (support van, headlamp and rear reflector bib)
Friday: Tour Teglio (support van)
Saturday: Stelvio and Gavia

BIKE CLIMBDifficultyAB% avarage% maximumAltitude differenceROAD BOOK
Stelvio 1,2 km 21,5 km 7,01% 13,00% 1543 mts.
Gavia 12,3 km 13,5 km 6,56% 14,00% 922 mts.
Mortirolo 22 km 11,9 km 10,10% 19,00% 1296 mts.
Foscagno 10,2 km 15,4 km 6,10% 8,50% 946 mts.
Bormio 2000 0,314 km 9,8 km 7,50% 12,00% 710 mts.
Cancano 5,3 km 8,2 km 6,90% 8,20% 566 mts.
BIKE TOURDifficultyDistanceAltitude differenceROAD BOOKMAP
BORMIO–P.so Umbrail–Prato
Stelvio–P.so Stelvio-BORMIO
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ 102 Km 3150 mts
di Legno-P.so Gavia-BORMIO
115 Km 3200 mts
115 Km 2450 mts
P.so Forcola-Livigno-BORMIO
130 Km 2700 mts.
130 km 1700 mts.
BORMIO-Livigno–P.so del Forno
S.ta Maria–Umbrail-BORMIO
105 Km 2750 mts



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